[ dih-vur-tis-muhnt; French dee-ver-tees-mahn ]
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noun,plural di·ver·tisse·ments [dih-vur-tis-muhnts; French dee-ver-tees-mahn]. /dɪˈvɜr tɪs mənts; French di vɛr tisˈmɑ̃/.
  1. a diversion or entertainment.

  2. Music. divertimento.

  1. a short ballet or other performance serving as an interlude in a play, opera, etc.

  2. a program consisting of such performances.

Origin of divertissement

1720–30; <French, equivalent to divertisse- (stem of divertir to divert) + -ment-ment

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British Dictionary definitions for divertissement


/ (dɪˈvɜːtɪsmənt, French divɛrtismɑ̃) /

  1. a brief entertainment or diversion, usually between the acts of a play

  2. music

    • a fantasia on popular melodies; potpourri

    • a piece or pieces written to be played during the intervals in a play, opera, etc

    • another word for divertimento

Origin of divertissement

C18: from French: entertainment

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