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[ dih-vin-i-tee ]


, plural di·vin·i·ties.
  1. the quality of being divine; divine nature.
  2. deity; godhood.
  3. a divine being; God.
  4. the Divinity, (sometimes lowercase) the Deity.
  5. a being having divine attributes, ranking below God but above humans:

    minor divinities.

  6. the study of divine things; theology.
  7. godlike character; supreme excellence.
  8. Also called divinity fudge. a fluffy white or artificially tinted fudge made usually of sugar, corn syrup, egg whites, and flavoring, often with nuts.


/ dɪˈvɪnɪtɪ /


  1. the nature of a deity or the state of being divine
  2. a god or other divine being
  3. the divinity
    often capital another term for God
  4. another word for theology

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Other Words From

  • non·di·vin·i·ty noun plural nondivinities
  • pre·di·vin·i·ty noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of divinity1

First recorded in 1275–1325; Middle English divinite from Anglo-French, from Latin dīvīnitās; divine, -ity

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Example Sentences

Ymir, in turn, gave birth to a host of mythical creatures and divinities, including the first male, female, and six-headed monster.

This is how the power of divinity was imagined, this kind of omniscience.

From Time

That’s when he shared his recipes for divinity fudge and pralines with Nettie, who carried the secret to these sticky sweet nuggets — a mix of pecans, brown sugar, cream and butter — with her when she later relocated to Michigan.

From Ozy

She attended Howard University, earning a bachelor’s degree in sociology, a master’s in city planning, then another master’s and a doctorate from the School of Divinity.

“I thought if I could meld my sociology and city planning with divinity, I could get some things done in Haiti,” said Fisher, who serves as bishop of the Full Gospel Church of the Lord’s Missions International in the District.

He holds a Master of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Master of Theology from Emory University.

Data eclipsed God in 1973, and its continuing ascendance suggests a culture that treats it as a surrogate divinity.

No one in the industry has been doing more to push the image of pop divinity than Lana.

He considers the beauty of athleticism and wonders if it is proof of the existence of some divinity.

A show called “Richteriana,” at Postmasters gallery in New York, subjects his divinity to some modest doubt.

You may imagine the effect this missive produced upon the proud, high-minded doctor of divinity.

Philip Limborch died; a Dutch professor of divinity, and author of a history of the inquisition.

Herbert Marsh, professor of divinity in the university of Cambridge, England, died.

Frederick Spanheim died; a noted divinity professor at Leyden, and a voluminous writer.

John Laurence Berti, a learned monk of Tuscany, died; author of about 20 quarto volumes of divinity.


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