[ div-ee ]
/ ˈdɪv i /

verb (used with or without object), div·vied, div·vy·ing.

to divide; distribute (often followed by up): The thieves divvied up the loot.

noun, plural div·vies.

a distribution or sharing.

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Origin of divvy

1870–75; div(ide) or div(idend) + -y2

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/ (ˈdɪvɪ) informal /

noun plural -vies

British short for dividend, esp (formerly) one paid by a cooperative society
US and Canadian a share; portion

verb -vies, -vying or -vied

(tr usually foll by up) to divide and share

noun plural -vies

dialect a stupid or foolish person

Word Origin for divvy

C20: perhaps from deviant

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Word Origin and History for divvy



1872, American English, originally a noun, a slang shortening of dividend; the verb was in use by 1877 and is primary now (the noun is not in "Webster's New World Dictionary"), leading some (e.g. "Webster's") to think the word is a slang alteration of divide. Related: Divvying. In early 20c. British slang the same word was a shortening of divine (adj.).

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