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Origin of do

before 900; Middle English, Old English dōn; cognate with Dutch doen, German tun; akin to Latin -dere to put, facere to make, do, Greek tithénai to set, put, Sanskrit dadhāti (he) puts

Can be confuseddew do dew

Synonym study

3. Do, accomplish, achieve mean to bring some action to a conclusion. Do is the general word: He did a great deal of hard work. Accomplish and achieve both connote successful completion of an undertaking. Accomplish emphasizes attaining a desired goal through effort, skill, and perseverance: to accomplish what one has hoped for. Achieve emphasizes accomplishing something important, excellent, or great: to achieve a major breakthrough. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for do with

do with


could do with or can do with to find useful; benefit fromshe could do with a night's sleep
have to do with to be involved in or connected withhis illness has a lot to do with his failing the exam
to do with concerning; related to
what…do with
  1. to put or placewhat did you do with my coat?
  2. to handle or treatwhat are we going to do with these hooligans?
  3. to fill one's time usefullyshe didn't know what to do with herself when term ended


abbreviation for

Doctor of Optometry
Doctor of Osteopathy


/ (duː, unstressed , ) /

verb does, doing, did or done

noun plural dos or do's

Word Origin for do

Old English dōn; related to Old Frisian duān, Old High German tuon, Latin abdere to put away, Greek tithenai to place; see deed, doom


/ (dəʊ) /

noun plural dos

a variant spelling of doh 1



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Word Origin and History for do with
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Idioms and Phrases with do with

do with

Put up or manage with, as in I can do with very little sleep. [Early 1800s] Also see can do with; have to do with.

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