dominant trait

In genetics, a trait that will appear in the offspring if one of the parents contributes it. (Compare recessive trait.)

Notes for dominant trait

In humans, dark hair is a dominant trait; if one parent contributes a gene for dark hair and the other contributes a gene for light hair, the child will have dark hair.

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How to use dominant trait in a sentence

  • Only a few retain a degree of overt sexuality, but it is not a dominant trait.

    How Bardot Influenced Sex | Eric Pape | September 27, 2009 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • He'd never run up against many stresses that brought his dominant trait to the fore.

    The Ego Machine | Henry Kuttner
  • "She has never been without that divine reason which was her dominant trait," wrote her friend.

    The Women of the French Salons | Amelia Gere Mason
  • If Faustus is to be labelled according to his dominant trait, then let us describe him as the embodiment of sense-gratification.

  • But it would be incorrect to assume, therefore, that cosmopolitanism is a dominant trait.

    The Story of Moscow | Wirt Gerrare
  • His dominant trait was to take all things into earnest consideration.

    The Secret Sharer | Joseph Conrad