/ duː /


  1. a Scot word for dove 1 pigeon 1

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Example Sentences

The composite photo whose eyes follow you around the room are less Matthew Lewis or Sheridan Le Fanu than “Scooby-Doo.”

That was my first movie, so I was totally green, and he was at the height of his Scooby Doo craziness.

Plus, if you have kids, you may recognize her as Velma in the live-action Scooby-Doo movies.

I used to sing just to do it, but then Art put together a doo-wop group.

The dog might even have been drugged (we might call this the Scooby Doo explanation).

"Dere iss doo empty shells und four goot vones," he announced.

Don't speck hit is ergwine to do mars Jon no good do, but hit haint ergwine to pizen noboddy ef hit don't doo no good.

I spose the papers ud call this an ar-tillery doo-el, remarked Pug, or re-noo-ed ar-tillery activity.

It was Trudy Doo's rebel yell and I heard her guitar thrash out some chords, then her drummer playing, then that big deep bass.

Later on, the "forward" vowel is gradually widened into the other vowels; exercises are sung on boo-ah, doo-ah, etc.