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verb (used with object), drat·ted, drat·ting.
to damn; confound: Drat your interference.
(used to express mild disgust, disappointment, or the like): Drat, there goes another button off my shirt.
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Origin of drat

First recorded in 1805–15; alteration of (o)d rot God rot (i.e., may God rot him, her, it)
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What does drat mean?

Drat is something you say to express mild frustration, disappointment, or disgust.

Drat is most commonly used as an interjection (something exclaimed to express some kind of emotion). Less commonly, it is used as a verb with a meaning similar to damn, for which it is considered a euphemism (a milder version).

Example: Drat, I lost my phone!

Where does drat come from?

The first records of drat in English come from the early 1800s. It is likely an alteration of the archaic phrase God rot as in God rot you for that, you rapscallion! (Note: If someone ever says this to you, you probably deserved it.)

Despite its origin, drat is used as a mild alternative for damn—much like darn, dang, and doggone. Is it most often used as an interjection, as in Drat, my joints ache or Drat! I’m late! It can also be used as a verb, as in Drat this rain! 

To our modern ears, drat sounds old-timey or outdated. If someone were to say those examples above, it’s probably because they’re trying to be a bit funny or ironic.

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How is drat used in real life?

Drat is usually used as an interjection in situations when one is frustrated, though perhaps not so severely.



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Drat, I just stubbed my toe on the table.

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British Dictionary definitions for drat

/ (dræt) /

slang an exclamation of annoyance (also in the phrases drat it! drat you! etc)

Word Origin for drat

C19: probably alteration of God rot
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