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verb (used with object),drat·ted, drat·ting.
  1. to damn; confound: Drat your interference.

  1. (used to express mild disgust, disappointment, or the like): Drat, there goes another button off my shirt.

Origin of drat

First recorded in 1805–15; alteration of (o)d rot God rot (i.e., may God rot him, her, it)

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How to use drat in a sentence

  • To their intense surprise, the usually placid Younkins turned savagely upon the dog, and saying, “drat that fool dog!”

    The Boy Settlers | Noah Brooks
  • I've scarce a marvedy in hand, now; so let him have a writ in his, drat him.

    The House by the Church-Yard | J. Sheridan Le Fanu
  • "drat the little dickey-birds," interrupted Mr. Kybird, with sudden violence.

  • I got what everybody gets who deals with that old rascal—the bad end of the trade, drat him!

    Bound to Succeed | Allen Chapman
  • Ah, don't go breakin' your angel's 'eart along of Arthur, my precious—and drat him too!

    The Definite Object | Jeffery Farnol

British Dictionary definitions for drat


/ (dræt) /

  1. slang an exclamation of annoyance (also in the phrases drat it! drat you! etc)

Origin of drat

C19: probably alteration of God rot

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