[ drom-i-der-ee, druhm- ]
/ ˈdrɒm ɪˌdɛr i, ˈdrʌm- /
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noun, plural drom·e·dar·ies.

the single-humped camel, Camelus dromedarius, of Arabia and northern Africa.



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Compare Bactrian camel.

Origin of dromedary

1300–50; Middle English dromedarie, -ary (<Anglo-French ) <Late Latin dromedārius (camēlus) <Greek dromad- (stem of dromás) running + Latin -ārius-ary
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British Dictionary definitions for dromedary

/ (ˈdrʌmədərɪ, -drɪ, ˈdrɒm-) /

noun plural -daries

a type of Arabian camel bred for racing and riding, having a single hump and long slender legs
another name for Arabian camel

Word Origin for dromedary

C14: from Late Latin dromedārius (camēlus), from Greek dromas running
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