[ drom-i-der-ee, druhm- ]
/ ˈdrɒm ɪˌdɛr i, ˈdrʌm- /

noun, plural drom·e·dar·ies.

the single-humped camel, Camelus dromedarius, of Arabia and northern Africa.

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Origin of dromedary

1300–50; Middle English dromedarie, -ary (< Anglo-French) < Late Latin dromedārius (camēlus) < Greek dromad- (stem of dromás) running + Latin -ārius -ary

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/ (ˈdrʌmədərɪ, -drɪ, ˈdrɒm-) /

noun plural -daries

a type of Arabian camel bred for racing and riding, having a single hump and long slender legs
another name for Arabian camel

Word Origin for dromedary

C14: from Late Latin dromedārius (camēlus), from Greek dromas running

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Word Origin and History for dromedary



late 13c., from Old French dromedaire, from Late Latin dromedarius "kind of camel," from Latin dromas (genitive dromados), from Greek dromas kamelos "running camel," from dromos "a race course," from PIE *drem-, from possible base *der- "to run, walk, step" (cf. Sanskrit dramati "runs, goes," Greek dromas "running," Middle High German tremen "to rock, shake, sway"). One-humped Arabian camels were bred and trained for riding. An early variant was drumbledairy (1560s).

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