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Correspond, write a short letter or note. For example, I hope you'll drop me a line soon. This idiom uses line in the sense of “a few words in writing,” a usage first recorded in 1647.

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What does drop a line mean?

Drop a line is an idiom meaning to write a few words in a letter or message, as in If you want to join my club, drop me a line!

Drop a line is often used with a name or pronoun referring to the recipient of the message, as in drop Zeke a line or drop us a line.

Originally referring to a physical letter, today drop a line is used more often to refer to email and other digital communication methods. On social media, it’s almost always used to encourage commenters to direct message (DM) the original poster.

Example: When you settle into your new house, drop us a line and let us know how you’re doing.

Where does drop a line come from?

The first records of the idiom drop a line come from around the 1640s. It comes from the use of drop meaning “to write and send,” referencing the dropping of a letter into a mailbox, and the use of line meaning “a short written message.”

Although drop a line is mostly used casually, you may hear it used in more formal settings, such as in a business meeting or office exchange while working. Drop a line can make the act of writing to someone seem quicker, so that the exchange seems to fit into a busy schedule easier.

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Drop a line is most often used in casual conversations and writing.


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To drop a line means to write a long letter.

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