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Origin of transfer

1350–1400; Middle English transferren (v.) < Latin trānsferre, equivalent to trāns- trans- + ferre to bear1, carry

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verb (trænsˈfɜː) -fers, -ferring or -ferred

to change or go or cause to change or go from one thing, person, or point to anotherthey transferred from the Park Hotel to the Imperial; she transferred her affections to her dog
to change (buses, trains, etc)
law to make over (property, etc) to another; convey
to displace (a drawing, design, etc) from one surface to another
(of a football player, esp a professional) to change clubs or (of a club, manager, etc) to sell or release (a player) to another club
to leave one school, college, etc, and enrol at another
to change (the meaning of a word, etc), esp by metaphorical extension

noun (ˈtrænsfɜː)

the act, process, or system of transferring, or the state of being transferred
  1. a person or thing that transfers or is transferred
  2. (as modifier)a transfer student
a design or drawing that is transferred from one surface to another, as by ironing a printed design onto cloth
law the passing of title to property or other right from one person to another by act of the parties or by operation of law; conveyance
  1. the act of transferring the title of ownership to shares or registered bonds in the books of the issuing enterprise
  2. (as modifier)transfer deed; transfer form
any document or form effecting or regulating a transfer
mainly US and Canadian a ticket that allows a passenger to change routes
Derived Formstransferable or transferrable, adjectivetransferability, noun

Word Origin for transfer

C14: from Latin transferre, from trans- + ferre to carry

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The conveyance or removal of something from one place to another.
A condition in which learning in one situation influences learning in another situation. It may be positive, as when learning one behavior facilitates the learning of something else, or negative, as when one habit interferes with the acquisition of a later one.
Related formstrans•fer (trăns-fûr, trănsfər) v.

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