[ drop-er ]
/ ˈdrɒp ər /
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  1. Also called eyedropper, medicine dropper . a tube with a hollow rubber bulb at one end and a small opening at the other, for drawing in a liquid and expelling it in drops: For pets that don't like droppers, this medication also comes in a spray.You can dilute the tempera a little at a time by adding water with an eye dropper.
  2. the amount held or dispensed by such a tube: Take two droppers of the echinacea tincture, swish it in your mouth for about 15 seconds, and swallow.
Angling. a short length of nylon, gut, etc., tied to a leader so that another fly (drop·per fly ) can be attached: This is a great summer fly that you can fish on a dropper or simply on its own.
a short-haired dog that is a cross between a pointer and a setter, so named because it drops to the ground, or crouches, on sighting game.
a person or thing that drops.


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Origin of dropper

First recorded in 1690–1700; drop + -er1
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How to use dropper in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for dropper

/ (ˈdrɒpə) /

a small tube having a rubber bulb at one end for drawing up and dispensing drops of liquid
a person or thing that drops
angling a short length of monofilament by which a fly is attached to the main trace or leader above the tail fly
Australian and NZ a batten attached to the top wire of a fence to keep the wires apart
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