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or drug store

[ druhg-stawr, -stohr ]


  1. the place of business of a druggist, usually also selling cosmetics, stationery, toothpaste, mouthwash, cigarettes, etc., and sometimes soft drinks and light meals.


/ ˈdrʌɡˌstɔː /


  1. a shop where medical prescriptions are made up and a wide variety of goods and sometimes light meals are sold

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Word History and Origins

Origin of drugstore1

An Americanism dating back to 1800–10; drug 1 + store

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Example Sentences

None of this came easily to me, and I had to do it everywhere — ordering coffee, going to the drugstore, even pumping gas.

He said he and other relatives had checked up on the couple this past weekend, bringing over precooked dinners for the week, picking up medicine at a drugstore and treating an injury to Lester Wilson’s leg.

In the future, L’Oréal plans to create similar Perso-powered devices with many of its brands, from luxury makeup to drugstore skin care, to enable customers to fulfill all of their changing cosmetics needs easily and at home.

From Fortune

The drugstores and other providers that administer shots covered by Medicare or Medicaid will get a $45 fee for each two-shot regimen.

Doctors, first responders, people in grocery stores, drugstores.

From Time

A few of those community leaders invited Scopes to the drugstore, bought him a fountain drink, and convinced him to stand trial.

He was in a drugstore on a lunch break when he chanced to see a book titled The Execution of Pvt. Eddie Slovik.

We met there because there was a drugstore or a candy store on the corner.

“I had run out of razor blades ,and went to a drugstore, and had a really negative experience,” Katz-Mayfield told me.

This is the same street where the drugstore, in which you always waited is located.

What he did in this case was to stop in Bakersfield at a garage that had a combination drugstore and news-stand next door.

Finally he said he couldn't work anymore and was going to drive to the drugstore for something to cure indigestion.

It was a famous drugstore, and contained one of the first private telephone booths ever erected.

At the first drugstore he stopped, seeing a long-distance telephone booth inside.

Just get some money from your father and go to the drugstore for more bandages.





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