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[ druhm-er ]


  1. a person who plays a drum.
  2. a commercial traveler or traveling sales representative.


/ ˈdrʌmə /


  1. a person who plays a drum or set of drums
  2. a salesman, esp a travelling salesman
  3. slang.
    the slowest shearer in a team

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Word History and Origins

Origin of drummer1

First recorded in 1565–75; drum 1 + -er 1

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Idioms and Phrases

  1. march to a different drummer, to be motivated by a different set of values than the average person.

More idioms and phrases containing drummer

see march to a different beat (drummer) .

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Example Sentences

Everybody wrote compositions except for our drummer Mickey Roker.

If you look at the size of his kit, it’s ludicrous compared with what most drummers use these days.

She didn’t know that we were out of practice or that half of the drummers were trained in other instruments.

After performing with a famed drummer and true icon in the music industry just two years back on The Tonight Show, some social media users are finding it hard to believe that DaBaby doesn’t know who Questlove is.

Questlove, the Roots drummer who recently directed the music documentary “Summer of Soul,” about the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival, shared a list on Instagram of artists he would have hypothetically liked to see at an updated version of the festival.

He plays an aging punk rocker and I play the drummer from his old band.

I was friends with her drummer from Sleater-Kinney, and I met Carrie, and we just hit it off.

He started to tell Cavett about his teenage dreams of becoming a jazz drummer.

When Perl mentioned she was looking for a female drummer in the Hasidic community, a mutual friend introduced her to Dalia.

Max Drummer (Harrison Ford) is the CIA chief who ordered the expendables to take Stonebanks down.

The other drummer appealed to the stage-driver to support his contention that the court's action was novel, but entirely just.

A drummer soon came with a message from the besiegers, but a message which was utterly unintelligible to the besieged.

So with a shout of victory, and the drummer beating a lively march, they rushed to the redoubt, where not a man was to be seen.

He was not a drummer at Austerlitz, and for the instant he did not remember the tune the drummers played.

Valmond had spoken down at the aged drummer, whose arms were young again, as once more he marched on Pratzen.


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