[ dood, dyood ]
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  1. a man excessively concerned with his clothes, grooming, and manners.

  2. Slang

    • a fellow; chap.

    • (a general term of address used to a man, woman, or group).

  1. a person reared in a large city.

  2. Western U.S. an urban Easterner who vacations on a ranch.

  1. Slang (an expression of shock, approval, sympathy, or other strong feeling): Dude! That's one expensive sandwich!

Verb Phrasespast and past participle dud·ed up,present participle dud·ing up.
  1. dude up, Slang. to dress in one's fanciest, best, or most stylish clothes; dress up: He got all duded up to go to the dance.

Origin of dude

An Americanism dating back to 1880–85; origin uncertain

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British Dictionary definitions for dude


/ (duːd, djuːd) /

  1. Western US and Canadian a city dweller, esp one holidaying on a ranch

  2. mainly US and Canadian a dandy

  1. US and Canadian a person: often used to any male in direct address

Origin of dude

C19: of unknown origin

Derived forms of dude

  • dudish, adjective
  • dudishly, adverb

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