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verb (used with object) Slang.
  1. to give a deliberately deceptive appearance to; misrepresent; fake.
  2. British. (in golf) to misplay (a golf ball), especially to misjudge one's swing so that the club strikes the ground behind the ball before hitting it.
  3. Australian.
    1. to steal (cattle).
    2. (formerly) to alter the brand on (stolen cattle).
  4. to cheat someone.
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Origin of duff3

1830–40; back formation from duffer, in the slang senses “something inferior or counterfeit” or “a peddler of inferior goods”
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Historical Examples

  • But he was as innocent of all this duffing racket as Tottie Polwarth there.'


    Rolf Boldrewood

  • So perhaps there won't be any need for "duffing" after all.'

    Robbery Under Arms

    Thomas Alexander Browne, AKA Rolf Boldrewood

  • He nearly "run in" a young man we knew on the other side, and him as innocent about the duffing as the babe unborn.


    Rolf Boldrewood

  • Dick Bowers, who has been several times in custody for duffing, was charged with having robbed Mr. Philips, of Bryanstone-street.

  • Doublet, a spurious diamond, made up of two smaller stones for pawning or duffing purposes.

    The Slang Dictionary

    John Camden Hotten

British Dictionary definitions for duffing


  1. a thick flour pudding, often flavoured with currants, citron, etc, and boiled in a cloth bagplum duff
  2. up the duff slang pregnant
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Word Origin

C19: Northern English variant of dough


verb (tr)
  1. slang to change the appearance of or give a false appearance to (old or stolen goods); fake
  2. Australian slang to steal (cattle), altering the brand
  3. Also: sclaff golf informal to bungle (a shot) by hitting the ground behind the ball
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  1. British informal bad or useless, as by not working out or operating correctly; duda duff idea; a duff engine
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See also duff up

Word Origin

C19: probably back formation from duffer


  1. slang the rump or buttocks
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Word Origin

C20: special use of duff 1
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Word Origin and History for duffing



"buttocks, rump," 1830s, of unknown origin.

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