noun, plural dui·kers, (especially collectively) dui·ker.

any of several small African antelopes of the Cephalophus, Sylvicapra, and related genera, the males and often the females having short, spikelike horns: some are endangered.

Origin of duiker

1770–80; < Afrikaans, Dutch duiker diver, equivalent to duiken to dive (see duck2) + -er -er1
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Historical Examples of duiker

  • When the duiker was asleep, the inkalimeva ate up all the fat.

  • The animals, when they heard the cry, ran to the kraal and killed the duiker.

  • It proposed to the duiker that they should play hide and look for.

  • Further converse was interrupted by the sudden bursting of a duiker, or large antelope, from a thicket close beside them.

  • My first great sporting achievement was in killing a duiker, a small antelope that was found in bushy or stony country.

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noun plural -kers or -ker

Also called: duikerbok (ˈdaɪkəbɒk) any small antelope of the genera Cephalophus and Sylvicapra, occurring throughout Africa south of the Sahara, having short straight backward-pointing horns, pointed hooves, and an arched back
Southern African any of several cormorants, esp the long-tailed shag (Phalacrocorax africanus)

Word Origin for duiker

C18: via Afrikaans from Dutch duiker diver, from duiken to dive; see duck ²
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