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[ duhs-ter ]


  1. a person or thing that removes dust: the rags I use as dusters for the furniture.

    a housekeeper who’s a meticulous duster;

    the rags I use as dusters for the furniture.

  2. a person or thing that applies dust, powder, etc.: a new pink duster for her lavender-scented body powder.

    a team of dusters who use magnetic powder to detect fingerprints;

    a new pink duster for her lavender-scented body powder.

  3. a container with a perforated lid for sprinkling dust, powder, etc.: a decorative cake topping made with a stencil and a sugar duster.

    a duster for shaking insecticide onto your rose bushes;

    a decorative cake topping made with a stencil and a sugar duster.

  4. Until this wind dies down, our dusters will be grounded.

  5. a lightweight housecoat:

    She was the perfect grandmother, always in a flowered duster and always with a jar full of cookies.

  6. a long, light overgarment, worn to protect one’s clothing from dust:

    On display is a man’s brown canvas duster, circa 1910, commonly worn in the early days of open automobiles.

  7. a calf-length cardigan or coat for women that is loose-fitting and often without buttons or other fasteners:

    She rocks it in a breezy chambray duster and buttercup-yellow heels.

  8. Meteorology. dust storm:

    The suddenness with which these dusters appear can be very unnerving.

  9. Also called dust-off pitch. Baseball. a pitched ball that travels so far inside as it crosses the plate that the batter is forced to drop to the ground so as not to be hit by the ball:

    That’s the second duster Hernandez has thrown in this series, so the umpire’s warning comes as no surprise.

  10. They were so sure they’d strike oil, but I knew it was going to be a duster.

  11. Duster, Military. a self-propelled U.S. antiaircraft gun developed in the 1950s, armed with a twin 40 mm cannon:

    The last time an Air Defense Artillery class fired the Duster in training was in 1988.


/ ˈdʌstə /


  1. a cloth used for dusting furniture, etc US namedust cloth
  2. a machine for blowing out dust over trees or crops
  3. a person or thing that dusts

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Word History and Origins

Origin of duster1

First recorded in 1570–80; dust + -er 1

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Example Sentences

In other words, SOCOM is getting a plane with crop duster origins, and one that can be used for the military missions of special operators.

In the unceasing battle against dust, humans possess a deep arsenal of weaponry, from microfiber cloths to feather dusters to vacuum cleaners.

Scientists have also begun using AI-enabled robots called LarvalBots, which work like an “underwater crop duster,” to deliver larvae.

From Time

It shows a cowboy surrounded by snow, the wind blowing his duster, and across his saddlehorn is a four-week-old calf.

We’ve found some great choices for your consideration that are as easy to care for as using a duster.

So I put on a white duster and a straw hat and I crashed through the door into the meeting and jumped up on the conference table.

Multiple pictures of Cary Grant running away from the crop duster.

Loeb was notorious for front-page editorials that often employed a sledgehammer where a feather duster would do.

Edna was sitting on the tabouret, idly brushing the tips of a feather duster along the carpet when he came in again.

Again the man stops at my door, his head turning right and left, the while he diligently plies the duster.

Mrs. Owen appeared ready for this adventure with her tall figure wrapped in a linen "duster."

"Everything is so sweet and cosey I almost envy you," she added, dusting the top of the clock with a tiny feather duster.

They are eternally poking into corners with a feather duster.


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