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  1. a person or thing that removes or applies dust.
  2. a cloth, brush, etc., for removing dust.
  3. a lightweight housecoat.
  4. an apparatus or device for sprinkling dust, powder, insecticide, or the like, especially on plants.
  5. a person employed in spreading insecticidal dusts or the like on crops from a low-flying plane.
  6. a long, light overgarment, worn especially in the early days of open automobiles to protect the clothing from dust.
  7. a summer-weight coat for women that is loose-fitting and often unlined.
  8. dust storm.
  9. Baseball. a ball purposely thrown by a pitcher at or dangerously close to a batter.
  10. dry hole.
  11. (initial capital letter) Military. a self-propelled U.S. antiaircraft gun of the 1950s, armed with twin 40mm cannon.

Origin of duster

First recorded in 1570–80; dust + -er1
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Historical Examples of duster

  • He has all his housework there, a broom and a duster, and I dare say he has a cooking-stove and a gridiron.


    Thomas Wentworth Higginson

  • Ilona in the best bedroom was busy as usual with duster and brush.

    A Bride of the Plains

    Baroness Emmuska Orczy

  • She turned as she spoke, and busied herself with a duster where there was no need for it.

  • He put on his hat and duster and he delivered the letter to Garcia.

    Dollars and Sense

    Col. Wm. C. Hunter

  • When I go near the rubbish with my duster he trembles like an aspen.

    White Lies

    Charles Reade

British Dictionary definitions for duster


  1. a cloth used for dusting furniture, etcUS name: dust cloth
  2. a machine for blowing out dust over trees or crops
  3. a person or thing that dusts
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Word Origin and History for duster

1570s, "dust brush for clothes," agent noun from dust (v.). Meaning "sifter" is from 1660s; that of "cloth worn to keep off dust" is from 1864.

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