[ duhch-muhn ]

noun,plural Dutch·men.
  1. a native or inhabitant of the Netherlands.

  2. (lowercase)Building Trades. a piece or wedge inserted to hide the fault in a badly made joint, to stop an opening, etc.

  1. Theater. a narrow strip of canvas to conceal the join between two flats.

  2. Slang: Sometimes Offensive. a term used to refer to a German.

Origin of Dutchman

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; see origin at Dutch, man

usage note For Dutchman

As used to refer to a German, the term Dutchman was originally standard English. But around the time of World War I, it became a slang term of contempt for the enemy. Its use nowadays is still sometimes perceived as insulting.

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/ (ˈdʌtʃmən) /

nounplural -men
  1. a native, citizen, or inhabitant of the Netherlands

  2. a piece of wood, metal, etc, used to repair or patch faulty workmanship

  1. Southern African often derogatory an Afrikaner

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