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[ dwel-er ]


  1. a person or thing that lives or resides in a specified place or environment:

    If you act like an arrogant city dweller, you're not going to make it in this small town.

    The prospect of having an entire townhouse to oneself has excited many a wealthy apartment dweller.

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Example Sentences

It's enough to make any city dweller run for the hills, for this is modern nature writing at its very finest.

Multiply NBC's status as television's cellar dweller by 10 and you get a rough idea of how the music industry regarded EMI.

Our American cave dweller will discover that no narrow road lies before him but a fate sealed in concrete.

Being a dweller of the trees by birth, Kopee was always sensitive to tree sounds.

Protection from the cold was also sought in caverns and rock shelters, and for a very long period man remained a cave-dweller.

Among these pests, the most important to the dweller in a large city is the tussock moth, which destroys our shade trees.

Man is a weak and pitiful dweller in a violent world and nothing has done so much to sharpen his wits as fear.

She was an inhabitant of the prairie, a dweller in the cabins which stand upon the verge of the hills.


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