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[wawr-uh n, wor-]
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  1. Earl,1891–1974, U.S. lawyer and political leader: chief justice of the U.S. 1953–69.
  2. Joseph,1741–75, American physician, statesman, and patriot.
  3. Mercy Otis,1728–1814, U.S. historian and poet (sister of James Otis).
  4. Robert Penn,1905–89, U.S. novelist and poet: named the first U.S. poet laureate (1986–87).
  5. a city in SE Michigan, near Detroit.
  6. a city in NE Ohio, NW of Youngstown.
  7. a city in NW Pennsylvania.
  8. a town in E Rhode Island.
  9. a male given name: from a Germanic word meaning “protection.”
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British Dictionary definitions for earl warren


  1. a series of interconnected underground tunnels in which rabbits live
  2. a colony of rabbits
  3. an overcrowded area or dwelling
    1. mainly Britishan enclosed place where small game animals or birds are kept, esp for breeding, or a part of a river or lake enclosed by nets in which fish are kept (esp in the phrase beasts or fowls of warren)
    2. English legal historya franchise permitting one to keep animals, birds, or fish in this way
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Word Origin

C14: from Anglo-French warenne, of Germanic origin; compare Old High German werien to preserve


  1. a city in the US, in SE Michigan, northeast of Detroit. Pop: 136 016 (2003 est)
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  1. Earl. 1891–1974, US lawyer; chief justice of the US (1953–69). He chaired the commission that investigated the murder of President Kennedy
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Word Origin and History for earl warren



late 14c., "piece of land enclosed for breeding beasts and fowls," from Anglo-French and Old North French warenne, Old French garenna "game park," possibly from Gaulish *varenna "enclosed area," related to *varros "post." Or the Old French forms may derive from the present participle of Old French warir "defend, keep," from the Germanic root *war- "to protect, guard" (source of Old English warian "take care;" see warrant (n.)). Later especially "piece of land for breeding of rabbits" (c.1400), which led to the transferred sense of "cluster of densely populated living spaces" (1640s).

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earl warren in Medicine


(wôrən)John Collins 1778-1856
  1. American surgeon who gave the first public demonstration (1846) of the use of ether as an anesthetic for a surgical procedure.
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