economic determinism

[ ek-uh-nom-ik di-tur-muh-niz-uhm, ee kuh- ]

  1. Sociology. the doctrine that all social, cultural, political, and intellectual forms are determined by or result from such economic factors as the quality of natural resources, productive capability, technological development, or the distribution of wealth.: Compare environmental determinism (def. 1), geographical determinism.

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  • ec·o·nom·ic de·ter·min·ist, noun

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How to use economic determinism in a sentence

  • economic determinism has been sufficiently considered in what has gone before.

    Karl Marx | Achille Loria
  • economic determinism has been an antidote to mere preaching of goodness, to hero-worship and political quackery.

    A Preface to Politics | Walter Lippmann
  • Of course you will find plenty of socialists who see other issues and who smile a bit at the rigors of economic determinism.

    A Preface to Politics | Walter Lippmann
  • Karl Marx sums up, combines and completes these two theories by his economic determinism.

  • These may be said to be fairly representative of the views of the opposition to the extreme of economic determinism.

British Dictionary definitions for economic determinism

economic determinism

  1. a doctrine that states that all cultural, social, political, and intellectual activities are a product of the economic organization of society

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