economic determinism

[ ek-uh-nom-ik di-tur-muh-niz-uhm, ee kuh- ]
/ 藢蓻k 蓹藞n蓲m 瑟k d瑟藞t蓽r m蓹藢n瑟z 蓹m, 藢i k蓹- /
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Sociology. the doctrine that all social, cultural, political, and intellectual forms are determined by or result from such economic factors as the quality of natural resources, productive capability, technological development, or the distribution of wealth.Compare environmental determinism (def. 1), geographical determinism.
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ec路o路nom路ic de路ter路min路ist, noun
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economic determinism

a doctrine that states that all cultural, social, political, and intellectual activities are a product of the economic organization of society
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