geographical determinism

[ jee-uh-graf-i-kuhl di-tur-muh-niz-uhm ]

  1. Sociology, Geography. a doctrine that considers geographical conditions to be the determining factor in human society or culture: In the 20th century, geographical determinism was used to try to explain the unevenness of social and cultural development in different parts of the world.: Compare economic determinism, environmental determinism (def. 1).

Origin of geographical determinism

First recorded in 1905–10
  • Also ge·o·graph·ic de·ter·min·ism [jee-uh-graf-ik di-tur-muh-niz-uhm] /ˌdʒi əˈgræf ɪk dɪˈtɜr məˌnɪz əm/ .

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British Dictionary definitions for geographical determinism

geographical determinism

  1. sociol the theory that human activity is determined by geographical conditions

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