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noun, plural e·lec·tu·ar·ies. Pharmacology, Veterinary Medicine.
  1. a pasty mass composed of a medicine, usually in powder form, mixed in a palatable medium, as syrup, honey, or other sweet substance: used especially for animals and administered by application to the teeth, tongue, or gums.
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Origin of electuary

1350–1400; Middle English electuarie < Late Latin elect(u)ārium a medicinal lozenge, alteration (by confusion with Latin ēlēctus (adj.) choice, good quality, ēlēctus (noun) choice) of Greek ekleiktón lozenge (neuter verbal adjective of ekleíchein to lick up; ek- ec- + leíchein to lick); see -ary
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Historical Examples

  • With a blood-letting and an electuary, I will warrant him sound within a month.

    Sir Nigel

    Arthur Conan Doyle

  • Go unto her with this box of electuary, and give it to the child that he may recover.

    The Unknown Quantity

    Henry van Dyke

  • It was enclosed in a gallipot, and was what I believe they called an electuary.

    The House by the Church-Yard

    J. Sheridan Le Fanu

  • Another and effective remedy is the root of the male fern, Aspidium filix-mas, used in decoction or electuary.

  • Diascordium, dī-a-skor′di-um, n. an electuary prepared with scordium or water-germander.

British Dictionary definitions for electuary


noun plural -aries
  1. archaic a paste taken orally, containing a drug mixed with syrup or honey
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Word Origin

C14: from Late Latin ēlēctuārium, probably from Greek ēkleikton electuary, from ekleikhein to lick out, from leikhein to lick
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electuary in Medicine


  1. confection
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