ellagic acid

[ uh-laj-ik ]

  1. a yellow crystalline substance, C14H6O8, isolated from oak galls and tannins and used as a hemostatic.

Origin of ellagic acid

1800–10; <French ellagique, equivalent to ellag- anagram of gallegall3 + -ique-ic

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How to use ellagic acid in a sentence

  • It is known technically as bloom and chemically as ellagic acid.

  • This operation has for its object the removal of bloom (ellagic acid) and any other superfluous adherent matter.

  • It deposits much bloom (ellagic acid) and is largely used for brightening the dark colour produced by other tannins.

    Leather | K. J. Adcock
  • Pyrogallols yield ellagic acid (called "bloom" in the trade), which improves the waterproof qualities of leather.

    Leather | K. J. Adcock
  • Another of these substances is ellagic acid C14H6O8, a double lactone of a hexa-hydroxy-diphenyldicarboxylic acid.

    Animal Proteins | Hugh Garner Bennett