or e-mail, E-mail



a system for sending messages from one individual to another via telecommunications links between computers or terminals using dedicated software: Communication by email is almost instantaneous.
a message sent by email: Send me an email about that idea, and I'll get back to you.

verb (used with object)

to send a message to by email: When you email me, don't forget to attach the documents.

Origin of email

First recorded in 1980–85; e(lectronic) + mail1

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  • We run IM and email and we use the browser in a million diverse ways.

    Little Brother

    Cory Doctorow

  • Now, take a ton of email that's not spam -- in the biz, they call that "ham" -- and do the same.

    Little Brother

    Cory Doctorow

  • I'd like you to tell me your login and password for your Pirate Party email, please?

    Little Brother

    Cory Doctorow

  • We sent it in email to trusted friends, and IMmed it to our buddy lists.

    Little Brother

    Cory Doctorow

  • What I was looking for, first and foremost, was email from Ange.

    Little Brother

    Cory Doctorow

Word Origin and History for email

a type of pottery design pattern, c.1877, from French email (12c.), literally "enamel" (see enamel (n.)).

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email (ēmāl′)

A system for sending and receiving messages electronically over a computer network. E-mail is asynchronous and does not require the receiver of the message to be online at the time the message is sent or received. E-mail also allows a user to distribute messages to large numbers of recipients instantaneously.
A message or messages sent or received by such a system.
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