[ em-bluh-muhnts ]

plural nounLaw.
  1. the products or profits of land that has been sown or planted.

Origin of emblements

1485–95; plural of emblement<Anglo-French, Middle French emblaement, equivalent to emblae(r) (<Medieval Latin imblādāre to sow with grain, equivalent to im-im-1 + blād(um) grain (>French blé) <Germanic (compare Middle Dutch blaad,Old English blǣd) + -āre infinitive suffix) + -ment-ment

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British Dictionary definitions for emblements


/ (ˈɛmbləmənts) /

pl nlaw
  1. annual crops and vegetable products cultivated by man's labour

  2. the profits from such crops

Origin of emblements

C15: from Old French emblaement, from emblaer to sow with grain, from Medieval Latin imblādāre, from blāda grain, of Germanic origin; compare Old English blǣd grain

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