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[ em-bod-ee-muhnt ]


  1. the act of embodying.
  2. the state or fact of being embodied.
  3. a person, being, or thing embodying a spirit, principle, abstraction, etc; incarnation.
  4. something embodied.

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Other Words From

  • preem·bodi·ment noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of embodiment1

First recorded in 1820–30; embody + -ment

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Example Sentences

At 6-foot-7 and weighing 275 pounds, he used his imposing physique to give shape and form to Darth Vader’s threatening presence on screen as the embodiment of the Evil Empire.

These researchers have now discovered some of the physical embodiment of that mechanism.

The plan is maybe best known as the embodiment of the mayor’s pledge at the 2019 State of the City address to eliminate limits on building heights outside the coastal area, and to end parking minimums for new developments near transit.

The narrative surrounding his sub two-hour marathon last year in Vienna, as well as the 2017 attempt in Monza, Italy, where he came up 26 seconds short, was that these feats were supposed to be the ultimate embodiment of his otherworldly talents.

When Samsung announced the first Galaxy Z Fold smartphone back in 2019, it was the perfect embodiment of an early adopter device.

But what is it like to be the embodiment of that, as an ethnically ambiguous individual?

This Palmer stands for elegance and sophistication: the embodiment of natural gifts, both athletic and personal.

One interpretation suggests he is the embodiment of whisky, a lewd allusion to a tenured tradition of Scottish alcoholism.

If Daylyt was an embodiment of what battle rap can be, Murda Mook is a precision-tuned instrument of absolute lyrical destruction.

“Within its 1806 embodiment of the cocktail incarnate—spirit, sweetner, bitters, water—there is traditionalism,” Simonson writes.

Many of them were delicious in the role; one of them was the embodiment of every womanly grace and charm.

Christianity is the embodiment of the gentler graces; paganism, in its purest form, that of the sterner virtues.

Still, it was a marvel that the impassioned Lynn should recognise in her the embodiment of his poetic dream of woman.

Franklin was received with ludicrous adulation as an embodiment of republican virtue and philosophic thought.

Hogarth is the embodiment of John Bull; you can hear him growl, like some savage bull-dog.


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