[ em-uh-nuhnt-lee ]
/ ˈem ə nənt li /


highly; very: He is eminently qualified.



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Origin of eminently

First recorded in 1620–30; eminent + -ly
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What does eminently mean?

Eminently means highly or very.

It’s an adverb that’s typically used to modify (describe) adjectives, especially positive ones, as in She is eminently qualified. 

Example: These versions are eminently better than the ones that were presented to us previously.

Where does eminently come from?

The first records of the word eminently come from around the 1620s. Its base word, eminent, comes from the Latin verb ēminēre, meaning “to stand out.”

The adjective eminent means high in station, rank, or reputation. It’s usually used to describe someone who is prominent or distinguished in some way, especially within a particular field. Eminently can also mean in an eminent manner, but this sense of the word is not commonly used.

Eminently should not be confused with imminently, which is the adverb form of imminent, meaning likely to occur at any time.

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How is eminently used in real life?

Eminently is typically used to modify positive adjectives. It means the same thing as very.



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Which of the following words is NOT a synonym of eminently?

A. highly
B. very
C. extremely
D. somewhat

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British Dictionary definitions for eminently

/ (ˈɛmɪnəntlɪ) /


extremelyeminently sensible
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