[ em-uh n-tah-ler ]
/ ˈɛm ənˌtɑ lər /


a Swiss cheese made from cow's milk and containing small holes.
Also Em·men·tal [em-uh n-tahl] /ˈɛm ənˌtɑl/, Em·men·ta·ler, Em·men·thal, Emmenthaler cheese.

Origin of Emmenthaler

< German, after Emmental a valley in Switzerland; see -er1
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Examples from the Web for emmenthaler

  • The Schnitzel turned to leather in my mouth, the beer seemed tepid; I left the Emmenthaler untasted.

  • Freudenreich has determined the character and number of bacteria in Emmenthaler cheese, and Russell the same for cheddar cheese.

  • I have a small piece of Emmenthaler cheese and a honey-cake and a piece of bread that I can let you have.