[ em-pleys-muh nt ]
/ ɛmˈpleɪs mənt /


Fortification. the space, platform, or the like, for a gun or battery and its accessories.
a putting in place or position; location: the emplacement of a wall.
  1. the intrusion of igneous rocks into a particular position.
  2. the development of an ore deposit in a particular place.

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Origin of emplacement

1795–1805; < French, equivalent to obsolete emplac(er) to place (em- em-1 + placer to place) + -ment -ment

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/ (ɪmˈpleɪsmənt) /


a prepared position for the siting of a gun or other weapon
the act of putting or state of being put in place

Word Origin for emplacement

C19: from French, from obsolete emplacer to put in position, from place

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Word Origin and History for emplacement



1802, from French emplacement "place, situation," from emplacer (16c.), from en- "in" (see en- (1)) + placer "to place" (see place (v.)). Gunnery sense attested from 1811.

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