[ end-noht ]


  1. a note, as of explanation, emendation, or the like, added at the end of an article, chapter, etc.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of endnote1

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How does endnote compare to similar and commonly confused words? Explore the most common comparisons:

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Example Sentences

I dog-eared the endnotes early on because it became instantly clear I would want to read every one.

Books with lots of footnotes and endnotes, like some history books, are also hard to translate into a purely audio format.

The Hermès show today was the last on my schedule, the endnote of an eventful week.

Where a single word has both an endnote and a marginal note, the link to the endnote is shown.

Original spelling and grammar has been retained, with a few exceptions, which are detailed in the Transcriber's Endnote.

Some apparent errors are ghosts of the first edition; see endnote.

See Transcriber's Endnote for details of this transcription.

However, see note below re endnote numbering on pages 283-4.


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Endnote Vs. Footnote

What’s the difference between an endnote and a footnote?

An endnote is a note at the end of a text (such as an article, a chapter, or an entire book). A footnote is a note at the bottom (the “foot”) of a page.

The difference between endnotes and footnotes is their location, not their function. Both consist of information added to a text in another spot, such as an explanation or a citation of a source. They are both usually indicated with some kind of mark, often an asterisk* or a number¹. The same mark appears in another part of the text along with the corresponding note, either at the end of the text (making it an endnote) or at the bottom of the page (making it a footnote).

Of course, if an article is only a single page, the note at the end could be called a footnote or an endnote.

Here’s an example of endnote and footnote used correctly in the same sentence.

Example: I use footnotes for tangential information so that readers can access it without turning the page, but I use endnotes for citations so they don’t clutter up the page.

Want to learn more? Read the full breakdown of the difference between endnote and footnote.

Quiz yourself on endnote vs. footnote!

Should endnote or footnote be used in the following sentence?

I thought I had a lot more to read, but then I realized that there is a 27-page _____ section at the end of the book!