[ en-doh-thee-lee-oh-muh ]
/ 藢蓻n do蕣藢胃i li藞o蕣 m蓹 /
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noun, plural en路do路the路li路o路mas, en路do路the路li路o路ma路ta [en-doh-thee-lee-oh-muh-tuh]. /藢蓻n do蕣藢胃i li藞o蕣 m蓹 t蓹/. Pathology.
a tumor originating from the endothelium.
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Origin of endothelioma

<German Endotheliom (1875); see endothelium, -oma
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How to use endothelioma in a sentence

  • The chief of these are: simple鈥攄ermoid patches, moles of the limbus; malignant鈥攕arcoma, endothelioma, epithelioma.

  • Sarcoma and endothelioma are the commonest tumours of bone, and present wide variations in structure and in clinical features.

    Manual of Surgery|Alexis Thomson and Alexander Miles
  • The majority would appear to be the result of changes in a sarcoma, endothelioma, or myeloma.

    Manual of Surgery|Alexis Thomson and Alexander Miles

British Dictionary definitions for endothelioma

/ (藢蓻nd蓹蕣藢胃i藧l瑟藞蓹蕣m蓹) /

noun plural -mata (-m蓹t蓹)
pathol a tumour originating in endothelial tissue, such as the lining of blood vessels
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Medical definitions for endothelioma

[ 臅n鈥瞕艒-th膿鈥瞝膿-艒m蓹 ]

n. pl. en鈥o鈥he鈥i鈥鈥as
Any of various benign or occasionally malignant neoplasms derived from the endothelial tissue of blood vessels or lymphatic channels.
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