[ en-fee-buhl ]
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verb (used with object),en·fee·bled, en·fee·bling.
  1. to make feeble; weaken: That bout of pneumonia enfeebled him.

Origin of enfeeble

1300–50; Middle English enfeblen<Old French enfeblir.See en-1, feeble

Other words for enfeeble

Other words from enfeeble

  • en·fee·ble·ment, noun
  • enfeebler, noun
  • un·en·fee·bled, adjective

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How to use enfeeble in a sentence

  • A quick vision of death smote her soul, and for a second of time appalled and enfeebled her senses.

  • Old people declared that he reminded them of Hauge in his earlier days, before he had been enfeebled by persecution.

    Skipper Worse | Alexander Lange Kielland
  • Vessels carrying his servants and baggage were dispersed by a storm, and the rough weather told upon his enfeebled frame.

  • His wife sorrowed over this new passion; her health, already much enfeebled, soon broke down.

  • I give th' old an' enfeebled English gintleman that carried me satchel a piece iv silver.

    Mr. Dooley Says | Finley Dunne

British Dictionary definitions for enfeeble


/ (ɪnˈfiːbəl) /

  1. (tr) to make weak; deprive of strength

Derived forms of enfeeble

  • enfeeblement, noun
  • enfeebler, noun

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