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[ en-fleym ]

verb (used with or without object)

, en·flamed, en·flam·ing.
  1. a variant of inflame.

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Example Sentences

Some doctors told me that they were glad to have drug options that might help enflame a woman’s lost desire.

If Israel responds, that could potentially enflame the region, which would play right into Assad's hands.

“Anything that tries to solve an issue in Northern Ireland, to put a salve on it, tends to enflame the situation,” he said.

This latest attack ad looks to many like only one more attempt to enflame an ancient American wound.

I was loth to smoother such fire in my brest; but to vent it, to enflame others.

Love-songs enflame not lust, more, then the Song of Songs doth zeale: Reade or sing the 119.

Or rather doth it not seem much better contrived to enflame, than to extinguish; to kindle new Fires, than to quench old ones?

This book, which would enflame a heart of ice, must set your ardent soul on fire.'

Wretched is the cursed land which these three rivers of fire enflame rather than water!