[ en-lahr-jer ]
/ ɛnˈlɑr dʒər /
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noun Photography.

an apparatus used for making projection prints, having a head for holding, illuminating, and projecting a film negative and a bed for holding a sheet of sensitized printing paper.



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Also called projection printer.
Compare contact printer.

Origin of enlarger

1535–45, for an earlier sense; enlarge + -er1
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  • He put the microcopy in an enlarger, and carried the enlarged print with him to the conveyer room.

    Time Crime|H. Beam Piper
  • If the camera possessed by the would-be enlarger is one which focuses from the front, no adaptation of any sort will be required.

  • But in sober truth, Pope, whether as a gardener or as a poet, required no enlarger or improver of his works.

    Flowers and Flower-Gardens|David Lester Richardson
  • As a guarantee of good faith we are giving samples of our famous Enlarger away to all well-known Puddin'-owners.

    The Magic Pudding|Norman Lindsay

British Dictionary definitions for enlarger

/ (ɪnˈlɑːdʒə) /


an optical instrument for making enlarged photographic prints in which a negative is brightly illuminated and its enlarged image is focused onto a sheet of sensitized paper
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