[ en-sooz ]


  1. third person singular present indicative of ensue.

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Example Sentences

Three plays into Washington’s ensuing dive, Alex Smith found Terry McLaurin on a crossing route and the second-year wideout broke a couple of tackles en route to the end zone for a 68-yard touchdown.

The Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing restrictions on movement and business intentionally and temporarily crippled the economy.

From Quartz

A scuffle ensued during which Perry’s daughter fired a shot that hit Salisbury in the arm.

From Ozy

They tend to escalate, with each ensuing theory extending off a theory the listener already accepts as true.

There was really a beautiful magic that ensued along with you know, a whole host of other actors, musicians, artists, activists that also participated in bringing that to life.

On the second planet, they encounter a marooned astronaut named Dr. Mann, and a fistfight ensues.

What ensues is part detective novel, part pulpy romantic tragedy.

The eggs are disbursed throughout the five boroughs and a citywide scavenger hunt ensues.

Unless some kind of sky-high musical chairs ensues, anything more than a cursory pre-potty hello could become a little tricky.

A scientific hunt ensues to identify, trap, and understand what Jayawardhana calls galactic “poltergeists.”

Organisation ensues, and the general conceptions of state-deities and state-ritual are made more definite and precise.

Collapse ensues and death takes place on the second to the fourth day of the affection.

In the confusion that ensues, his ignorance of the language places him at a momentary disadvantage.

In syphilitic affections of the spinal cord, if the inflammation is acute death ensues in a few days or weeks.

In some instances, the brain becomes affected and death ensues.