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[ en-shoor, -shur ]

verb (used with object)

, en·sured, en·sur·ing.
  1. to secure or guarantee:

    This letter will ensure you a hearing.

  2. to make sure or certain:

    measures to ensure the success of an undertaking.

  3. to make secure or safe, as from harm.

    Synonyms: safeguard, guard, protect


/ -ˈʃɔː; ɛnˈʃʊə /


  1. may take a clause as object to make certain or sure; guarantee

    this victory will ensure his happiness

  2. to make safe or secure; protect

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Derived Forms

  • enˈsurer, noun

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Other Words From

  • en·surer noun
  • unen·sured adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of ensure1

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English ensuren, from Anglo-French enseurer; en- 1( def ), sure ( def )

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Example Sentences

Apart from zeroing the wait time for customers, chatbot integration ensures 24 x 7 x 365 availability and allows you to broaden your database without any manual interference, once trained, and implemented successfully.

Because I’m the president of an NBA team, I had access to resources that ensured I could demand and fight for my justice.

In the case of this paid search digital transformation, a keyword audit was a critical piece to start with, ensuring the team was focused on the right keywords for the brand and its critical products and solutions.

These factors collectively play a big role in ensuring your business climbs local SERPs and maintains a strong online presence.

Revenge could take the form of a contract extension that would ensure he can finish his career as the Packers’ franchise quarterback.

Asserting our right to free speech is the only to ensure that 12 people did not die in vain.

Police, their representatives and supporters tell us, ensure our freedom of speech through our ability to protest.

If someone wants to ensure a direct and secure connection, no entity, whether a hotel or otherwise, should be able to block it.

One detainee was bent over for a rectal feeding that involved Ensure, the protein shake.

To ensure that all Afghan women see the gains of the last decade, we need to understand, support and enhance existing systems.

His first business was to provide a proper train to ensure the quick and easy mobilisation of the artillery.

The registrars will, in that event, ensure the moral growth of existing societies before multiplying them.

Principally to ensure military dominance, the conquerors made many main roads, mostly centering in London.

In the meantime the university had taken steps to ensure the suppression of heretical books.

Now, five minutes' rest taken at the right time may ensure those persons' safety as well as our own.


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Ensure Vs. Insure Vs. Assure

What's the difference between ensure, insure, and assure?

Ensure most commonly means to guarantee or make certain, as in Working hard ensures success. Insure typically means to guarantee against loss or harm or, more specifically, to cover with insurance. Assure usually means to tell someone something with confidence or to cause someone to know something with certainty—it often means the same thing as reassure.

It’s no wonder there’s confusion between the three words—all three are verbs that are based on the Latin root sēcūrus, meaning safe. Making things even more confusing is the fact that ensure and insure can be used interchangeably in most senses. Still, insure is much more commonly used in the context of insurance, like car insurance, health insurance, and homeowner’s insurance. These kinds of insurance insure you—they give you coverage that provides you with compensation in certain cases and situations.

Ensure is typically used in a more general way in the context of actions that are done to make sure that something happens or is the case, as in We need to ensure that the meeting starts on time.

Assure is always used in the context of communication, especially in situations in which someone is trying to make someone else feel better about something. It’s used in the phrase rest assured.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet to remember the most common uses of each word:

ensure = make sure
insure = cover with insurance
assure = reassure

Here’s an example of ensure, insure, and assure used correctly in a sentence.

Example: She assured me that the company has ensured that every employee has the opportunity to be insured.

Want to learn more? Read the full breakdown of the difference between ensure, insure, and assure.

Quiz yourself on ensure vs. insure vs. assure!

Should ensure, insure, or assure be used in the following sentence?

We need to take action to _____ that this never happens again.




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