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noun, plural en·tries.
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Origin of entry

1250–1300; Middle English entre(e) <Old French entree<Latin intrāta (noun use of feminine of intrātus, past participle of intrāre to enter), equivalent to intr- enter + -āta-ate1


non·en·try, noun, plural non·en·tries.pre·en·try, noun, plural pre·en·tries.
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What is an entry?

An entry is a place where you enter, especially a hall, passage, or vestibule, as in The entry to the movie theater was full of people excited to see the new superhero movie. 

An entry is also permission to enter something, as in Entry to the office building was limited to staff only.

When you enter a contest, that act is an entry, too, as in Mack’s entry for the writing contest was a short story about angry robots. So is what you submit for the contest or another type of listing, like a dictionary entry.

Example: I’ll be waiting at the entry point for your arrival.

Where does entry come from?

The first records of the term entry come from around 1250. It ultimately comes from the Latin intrāre, meaning “to enter.” All of the uses of entry relate to the idea of entering, that is coming or going in or being admitted.

Entry can not only describe the action of entering, but also the right to enter. An entry is also commonly used to describe a recording or periodical writing in a book, journal, or database. Those cheesy audio log entries the main characters in science fiction movies make to themselves are popular examples of log entries. A hot button use is in the debate over entry to a country by people who don’t live in the country.

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What are some other forms related to entry?

  • nonentry (noun)
  • preentry (noun)
  • reentry (noun)

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Entry is a very common word with several meanings.



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British Dictionary definitions for entry

/ (ˈɛntrɪ) /

noun plural -tries

Word Origin for entry

C13: from Old French entree, past participle of entrer to enter
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