[ noun, verb ahy-tuhm; adverb ahy-tem ]
/ noun, verb ˈaɪ təm; adverb ˈaɪ tɛm /



also; likewise (used especially to introduce each article or statement in a list or series).

verb (used with object) Archaic.

to set down or enter as an item, or by or in items.
to make a note of.

Origin of item

1350–1400; Middle English: likewise (adv.), the same (noun) < Latin: likewise


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noun (ˈaɪtəm)

a thing or unit, esp included in a list or collection
accounting an entry in an account
a piece of information, detail, or notea news item
informal two people having a romantic or sexual relationship

verb (ˈaɪtəm)

(tr) an archaic word for itemize

adverb (ˈaɪtɛm)

likewise; also

Word Origin for item

C14 (adv) from Latin: in like manner
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