[ ih-noo-muh-reyt, ih-nyoo- ]
/ 瑟藞nu m蓹藢re瑟t, 瑟藞nyu- /
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verb (used with object), e路nu路mer路at路ed, e路nu路mer路at路ing.
to mention separately as if in counting; name one by one; specify, as in a list: Let me enumerate the many flaws in your hypothesis.
to ascertain the number of; count.
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Origin of enumerate

1640鈥50; <Latin 膿numer膩tus (past participle of 膿numer膩re ), equivalent to 膿- e-1 + numer(us) number + -膩tus -ate1


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What does聽enumerate mean?

Enumerate means to name or list things one by one.

Enumerate is typically used as a more formal alternative to the verb list. It emphasizes the fact that things are being specifically identified and listed one at a time.

Less commonly, enumerate simply means to count. In Canada, it has a much more specific use: it means to enter names in an area鈥檚 voting list.

Example: I welcome constructive criticism, but you don鈥檛 have to enumerate every single one of my mistakes in front of the rest of the people at the meeting.

Where does聽enumerate come from?

The first records of enumerate come from the 1600s. It derives from the Latin verb 膿numer膩re, which is based on the Latin numer(us), meaning 鈥渘umber.鈥 (This root is also the basis of the word number.)

Enumerate implies a very deliberate listing of things, especially with the intention of specifying each one in order to emphasize them collectively. A politician might enumerate the ways their opponent failed to deliver on their promises. Your friend might enumerate all the reasons you should date their cousin. In both cases, the intention is for a list of specific things to be more memorable or impactful than a summary. Enumerate is essentially interchangeable with the verb list, but list might not imply the same level of deliberateness. (The phrasal verb list out is closer in meaning.)

Enumerate is also the name of a function in various programming languages and computer programs that involves managing elements in a set.

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What are some other forms related to enumerate?

  • enumeration (noun)
  • enumerable (adjective)
  • enumerative (adjective)
  • enumerator (noun)
  • nonenumerated (adjective)
  • nonenumerative (adjective)

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How is聽enumerate used in real life?

Enumerate is a more formal way of saying list that emphasizes the specification of individual things. It鈥檚 often used in negative contexts, such as the listing of mistakes or flaws.



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In my family, the holidays end up being a time when everyone enumerates each other鈥檚 failures.

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British Dictionary definitions for enumerate

/ (瑟藞nju藧m蓹藢re瑟t) /

(tr) to mention separately or in order; name one by one; list
(tr) to determine the number of; count
Canadian to compile or enter (a name or names) in a voting list for an area

Derived forms of enumerate

enumerable, adjectiveenumeration, nounenumerative, adjective

Word Origin for enumerate

C17: from Latin 膿numer膩re, from numer膩re to count, reckon; see number
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