[ ih-noo-muh-reyt, ih-nyoo- ]
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verb (used with object),e·nu·mer·at·ed, e·nu·mer·at·ing.
  1. to mention separately as if in counting; name one by one; specify, as in a list: Let me enumerate the many flaws in your hypothesis.

  2. to ascertain the number of; count.

Origin of enumerate

First recorded in 1640–50; from Latin ēnumerātus “counted out,” past participle of ēnumerāre “to count out,” from ē- e-1 + numer(us) number + -āre, infinitive verb suffix

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Other words from enumerate

  • e·nu·mer·a·tive [ih-noo-muh-rey-tiv, -mer-uh-, ih-nyoo-], /ɪˈnu məˌreɪ tɪv, -mər ə-, ɪˈnyu-/, adjective
  • e·nu·mer·a·tor, noun
  • non·e·nu·mer·a·tive, adjective
  • pre·e·nu·mer·ate, verb (used with object), pre·e·nu·mer·at·ed, pre·e·nu·mer·at·ing.
  • re·e·nu·mer·ate, verb (used with object), re·e·nu·mer·at·ed, re·e·nu·mer·at·ing.
  • un·e·nu·mer·a·tive, adjective

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/ (ɪˈnjuːməˌreɪt) /

  1. (tr) to mention separately or in order; name one by one; list

  2. (tr) to determine the number of; count

  1. Canadian to compile or enter (a name or names) in a voting list for an area

Origin of enumerate

C17: from Latin ēnumerāre, from numerāre to count, reckon; see number

Derived forms of enumerate

  • enumerable, adjective
  • enumeration, noun
  • enumerative, adjective

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