[ee-oh-hip-uh s]


the earliest known horse, a member of the extinct genus Hyracotherium (Eohippus), from the early Eocene Epoch of the Northern Hemisphere; a terrier-sized herbivore having four hoofed toes on each forefoot and three on each hind foot, and low-crowned teeth.

Origin of eohippus

1875–80; < New Latin, equivalent to eo- eo- + Greek híppos horse
Also called dawn horse, hyracotherium, hyracothere.
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  • Eohippus, the dawn horse, is the name given a skeleton found in 1880 in the lower Eocene strata in Wyoming.

  • In the Lower Eocene are found the remains of a diminutive ungulate (Eohippus), of the stature of a moderately-sized dog.

  • The oldest of these creatures that lead to the horses is called Eohippus or beginning horse.

  • He would not be more astonished than would the ancient Eohippus on meeting with a modern dray-horse.

    Theism or Atheism

    Chapman Cohen

  • Orohippus was but little larger than Eohippus, and in most other respects very similar.

    Darwinism (1889)

    Alfred Russel Wallace

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noun plural -puses

the earliest horse: an extinct Eocene dog-sized animal of the genus with four-toed forelegs, three-toed hindlegs, and teeth specialized for browsing

Word Origin for eohippus

C19: New Latin, from eo- + Greek hippos horse
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oldest known genus of the horse family, 1879, from Modern Latin, from Greek eos (see eo-) + hippos "horse" (see equine).

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See hyracotherium.
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