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  1. a combining form meaning “early,” “primeval,” used in the formation of compound words: Eocene; eohippus.

Origin of eo-

< Greek, combining form of ēṓs (Attic héōs) dawn; akin to east, Aurora


  1. ex officio.

eo ipso

[ey-oh ip-soh; English ee-oh ip-soh]
adverb Latin.
  1. by that very fact.

eo nomine

[ey-oh noh-mi-ne; English ee-oh nom-i-nee]
adverb Latin.
  1. by that name.
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dawn, eos

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combining form
  1. early or primevalEocene; eohippus

Word Origin for eo-

from Greek, from ēōs dawn


abbreviation for
  1. ex officio
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Word Origin and History for eo


word-forming element used from mid-19c. (first in Eocene) in compound words formed by earth-scientists and meaning "characterized by the earliest appearance of," from Greek eos "dawn," from PIE *aus-, cognate with Modern English east (q.v.). Piltdown Man, before exposed as a fraud, was known as Eoanthropus.

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