[ ep-i-glot-is ]
/ ˌɛp ɪˈglɒt ɪs /
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noun, plural ep·i·glot·tis·es, ep·i·glot·ti·des [ep-i-glot-i-deez]. /ˌɛp ɪˈglɒt ɪˌdiz/. Anatomy.

a thin, valvelike, cartilaginous structure that covers the glottis during swallowing, preventing the entrance of food and drink into the larynx.



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Origin of epiglottis

1605–15; <Greek epiglōttís;see epi-, glottis
ep·i·glot·tal, ep·i·glot·tic, ep·i·glot·tid·e·an [ep-i-glo-tid-ee-uhn], /ˌɛp ɪ glɒˈtɪd i ən/, adjectivesub·ep·i·glot·tal, adjectivesub·ep·i·glot·tic, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for epiglottis

/ (ˌɛpɪˈɡlɒtɪs) /

noun plural -tises or -tides (-tɪˌdiːz)

a thin cartilaginous flap that covers the entrance to the larynx during swallowing, preventing food from entering the trachea
epiglottal or epiglottic, adjective
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Medical definitions for epiglottis

[ ĕp′ĭ-glŏtĭs ]

n. pl. ep•i•glot•tis•es

The thin elastic cartilaginous structure located at the root of the tongue that folds over the glottis to prevent food and liquid from entering the trachea during the act of swallowing.
ep′i•glottic adj.
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Scientific definitions for epiglottis

[ ĕp′ĭ-glŏtĭs ]

A thin, triangular plate of cartilage at the base of the tongue that covers the glottis during swallowing to keep food from entering the trachea.
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