[ ih-pis-tl-er ]
/ ɪˈpɪs tl ər /


Also e·pis·to·list. a writer of an epistle.
the person who reads or chants the epistle in the Eucharistic service.
Also e·pis·tler [ih-pis-ler, ih-pist-] /ɪˈpɪs lər, ɪˈpɪst-/.

Origin of epistoler

1520–30; < Latin epistol(a) epistle + -er1
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Examples from the Web for epistoler

  • Howell, the epistoler, admitted her (in rather execrable verse) to that Tenth Museship which has had so many fair incumbents.

  • Perhaps there is, at any rate in the earlier letters, something of this unkemptness in Keats as an epistoler.

    A Letter Book|George Saintsbury