[ es-kuh-dril, es-kuh-dril; French es-ka-dree-yuh ]
/ ˌɛs kəˈdrɪl, ˈɛs kəˌdrɪl; French ɛs kaˈdri yə /

noun, plural es·ca·drilles [es-kuh-drilz, es-kuh-drilz; French es-ka-dree-yuh] /ˌɛs kəˈdrɪlz, ˈɛs kəˌdrɪlz; French ɛs kaˈdri yə/.

a squadron or divisional unit of airplanes: the Lafayette Escadrille of World War I.
Obsolete. a small naval squadron.

Origin of escadrille

1910–15; < French: flotilla, Middle French < Spanish escuadrilla, diminutive of escuadra squadron Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ˌɛskəˈdrɪl, French ɛskadrij) /


a French squadron of aircraft, esp in World War I
a small squadron of ships

Word Origin for escadrille

from French: flotilla, from Spanish escuadrilla, from escuadra squadron
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