[ uh-sen-shuh-list ]

  1. Philosophy. someone who follows the principles of essentialism, believing that the inward, or essential, nature of most things is invariable, as opposed to the properties that are accidental, phenomenal, illusory, etc.: The author calls gender essentialists to account for what she sees as their oversimplification of observed gender differences in children.

  2. Education. someone who follows the principles of essentialism, a doctrine that certain traditional concepts, ideals, and skills are essential to society and should be taught methodically to all students: Essentialists argue that a key function of school is to give young people the basic knowledge necessary for good citizenship.

  1. following the principles of essentialism: Scholars are increasingly warning against reducing ancient religions to monolithic, essentialist entities.Traditional disciplines such as math, natural science, history, foreign language, and literature form the foundation of the essentialist curriculum.

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