[ ih-stab-lish ]
/ ɪˈstæb lɪʃ /

verb (used with object)

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Origin of establish

1325–75; Middle English establissen < Middle French establiss-, extended stem of establir < Latin stabilīre, akin to stabilis stable2

SYNONYMS FOR establish
1. form, organize. See fix. 3. verify, substantiate. 6. decree.

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/ (ɪˈstæblɪʃ) /

verb (usually tr)

Derived Formsestablisher, noun

Word Origin for establish

C14: from Old French establir, from Latin stabilīre to make firm, from stabilis stable ²

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Word Origin and History for establish



late 14c., from Old French establiss-, present participle stem of establir (12c., Modern French établir) "cause to stand still, establish, stipulate, set up, erect, build," from Latin stabilire "make stable," from stabilis "stable" (see stable (adj.)).

For initial e-, see especial. Related: Established; establishing. An established church or religion is one sanctioned by the state.

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