[ e-stok; French e-stawk ]
/ ɛˈstɒk; French ɛˈstɔk /
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noun, plural es·tocs [e-stoks; French e-stawk]. /ɛˈstɒks; French ɛˈstɔk/.

a thrusting sword of the 13th–17th centuries having a long, narrow blade of rectangular section.



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Origin of estoc

1820–30; <Old French: literally, point (of a sword). See stock
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  • His right hand was drawn so far back, that the glittering point of the estoc only showed in front of his hip.

    Wager of Battle|Henry William Herbert
  • The glittering estoc was in his right, the short massive dagger in his left.

    Wager of Battle|Henry William Herbert
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