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[ et-set-er-uh, ‑-se-truh ]


, plural et·cet·er·as.
  1. a number of other things or persons unspecified.
  2. etceteras, extras or sundries.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of etcetera1

First recorded in 1375–1425; noun use of et cetera
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Example Sentences

It essentially uses an LED light that bounces off of a surface, mousepad, etcetera to transmit coordinates that correspond to your computer screen, allowing you to scroll, click, hover, and perform all the various mouse functions.

We’re gonna have to think about new compensation models, benefits packages, etcetera.

From Time

Roll on, thou deep and dark blue ocean, roll Ten thousand fleets, etcetera.

But I mean colour of hair, kind of nose, etcetera; be more particular, and do be quick!

“Caro mio ben, credimi almen, senza di te languisce il cor,” etcetera.

On the surface about two hundred men, women, and boys are employed “dressing” the ore, etcetera.

But his pumping-engine is by no means rendered useless, for it has much to do in hauling ore to the surface, etcetera.