[ ih-theer-ee-uhl ]
/ ɪˈθɪər i əl /
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light, airy, or tenuous: an ethereal world created through the poetic imagination.
extremely delicate or refined: ethereal beauty.
heavenly or celestial: gone to his ethereal home.
of or relating to the upper regions of space.
Chemistry. pertaining to, containing, or resembling ether.



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Also ae·the·re·al (for defs. 1-4) .

Origin of ethereal

First recorded in 1505–15; from Latin aethere(us) (from Greek aithérios ), equivalent to aether- ether + -eus adjective suffix + -al1
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British Dictionary definitions for ethereal

/ (ɪˈθɪərɪəl) /


extremely delicate or refined; exquisite
almost as light as air; impalpable; airy
celestial or spiritual
of, containing, or dissolved in an ether, esp diethyl etheran ethereal solution
of or relating to the ether
ethereality or etherealness, nounethereally, adverb
C16: from Latin aethereus, from Greek aitherios, from aithēr ether
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Medical definitions for ethereal

[ ĭ-thîrē-əl ]


Characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; intangible.
Of, relating to, or containing ether.
e•the′re•ali•ty (-ălĭ-tē) null n.e•there•al•ly adv.
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